Work Injury Leave

The definition of work injury

If an employee encounters an accident at work during his employment, it generally becomes a work injury.

Can sick leave be applied for work injury?

If the employee’s temporary incapacity lasts more than 24 months, he may apply to the Court for an extension of his entitlement for the payment. The extended period shall not be longer than 12 months.

The calculation of work injury leave

During the employee’s work injury sick leave, the employer must pay the employee four-fifths of his normal wages as regular payments, that is, work injury sick leave allowance.

Income includes: basic salary, any allowances (except transportation allowances), small bills, regular overtime allowance and attendance bonus.

There are two calculating methods, whichever is higher:

  • A monthly earnings before the accident
  • Average earnings of the preceding 12-month before the accident


When calculating work injury sick leave pay, it is important to remember what days should be counted and what days should not be counted. And you should understand the logic and calculation methods behind it.

If you combine your understanding with the local human resources system – Workstem, which is in compliance with the labour legislation in Hong Kong, you don’t need to find all the information of an employee in multiple Excel when calculating payroll, and you can save a lot of time-consuming and repetitive work. Get twice the result with half the effort.