CINNOX is a comprehensive SaaS platform that unifies traditional and digital touchpoints. Businesses can connect, orchestrate, and evaluate all of their customer and team interactions to deliver a frictionless omnichannel experience that elevates business performance and optimizes productivity.

We achieve this through the three key pillars of great customer service, where businesses can enjoy one continuous loop of experience improvement: Connect, Orchestrate, and Evaluate.

-CONNECT: Unify all telecom and digital channels, with full customer context and seamless transition between touchpoints to adapt responses.
– ORCHESTRATE: Automate workflows, and match customers with expertise through the most flexible range of intelligent routing.
– EVALUATE: Improve customer experiences and monitor staff performance with extensive Customer 360, interaction analysis, and sentiment data.

At CINNOX, we are able to solve this and improve both customer and employee experiences alike with one customer engagement and analytics platform.