E-leave System

Let Workstem take care of your company’s leave management so you can go and enjoy your holidays at ease!

A Powerful & User Friendly E-Leave System

Workstem provides a simple and fast approach for your employees and managers to administer their paid time off. Our streamlined automated system allows employees to apply their leave without having to go to HR.

Leave Application

Once your employee submits a leave application, Workstem automatically routes the application to the supervisor for approval. Both parties are notified ASAP by our mobile app.

Leave Balance

Via our E Leave System, supervisors and employees alike can stay up to date with the leave information by all electronic devices. Manual edits can also be made for any detailed amendments.

Leave Policy

Workstem has a number of selectable setup options that can cater to your unique leave policies. With our customizable nature, our e leave system can accommodate all Startups, SMEs and large corporations in different industries.

Complete Your E-Leave In 5 Simple Steps With Workstem

Follow these simple steps from our e leave system to manage your employees’ leaves.


Employees can apply for leave by using a web browser or our mobile app.



Supervisors are able to manage employees’ leaves anywhere, anytime.



Data Tracking

The E-leave system will automatically track the time, applicants and reasons for the leave application.These data can provide you a full picture of your employee’s attendance.



Automatic Leave Balance Adjustment

After customizing the leave calculation formula, our system will automatically calculate the correct amount of leaves for all your employees.


Integrated With Payroll

Workstem's E leave and attendance modules are well integrated with salary calculation to optimize payroll processing to distinction.


Managing leaves anywhere, anytime

Access and edit your leave management system anytime and anywhere with our online system.

Notifications & Alerts

Supervisors can easily check and approve leaves on their mobile apps. Supervisors can also proactively receive reminder notifications of leave approvals, enabling them to manage staff scheduling at ease.

Digitalised Leave Documents

By recourse to a digitalized leave management system, Workstem eliminates the tedious paperwork and tracks all the documents uploaded for the leave. No more back-and-forth emails between the HR and your employees!

All Functional Modules In One

It is burdensome to process your employee’s leaves including the calculation of their total working hours, leave days and more.
Want to centralize attendance, leave, payroll, benefits, and tax management in one go? Workstem got you covered!