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SMEs need a good system to digitize their business and become more productive. Most of them also need professional advisors to help improve their management process. Workstem is looking for partners that we can work with and create a 1+1=3 synergy effect to bring more value to the market.

Grow as a Workstem Partner

Workstem offers 6 partnership tiers depending on your total managed headcount. Simply reach out to us and we’ll help find the best package for you. Most of our partners outgrow their tiers in a matter of weeks!

How do we support our partners to succeed?

Additional Revenue Stream

Special discount rates with a high profit margin are provided to partners when their clients subscribe to the Workstem platform. Our existing partners also bundle additional services on top of Workstem subscription for additional revenue and overall client satisfaction! 

Co-branding and Marketing Promotions

Co-branding and marketing promotions will extend our Partners’ market reach and visibility, attract new business leads, and build more brand awareness!

Business Referral Only to Partners

Running a business alone can be lonely! By partnering with Workstem, we will consistently refer leads to our Partners from our extensive leads network. 

Free Platform Education and Training

To better support our Partners and their end user clients, we will provide free, high quality training and education to help Partners become an expert of our system.

Dedicated Support Team

Priority access to our support team via email and phone for client inquiries, system training, and FAQs to support Partners’ business growth.

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Our Partners

“We have too many Workstem projects going on..!”
I was surprised at how fast our business accelerated ever since we joined the Workstem partnership program. Aside from the numerous business referrals from Workstem, we’re also able to leverage Workstem’s powerful software to upsell and close clients originally outside of our target client base. We are now super excited to be able to expand into F&B, retail, and engineering sectors – something we wouldn’t be able to do without Workstem’s platform!
GI Group
We at Gi Group aspire to be Hong Kong’s leading provider for HR services, and I believe we can achieve this vision through our partnership with Workstem. Before Workstem, it might take us a few days just to come up with payroll reports for our clients. Now, we’re able to leverage Workstem’s cutting-edge technological solution to retrieve this information in real-time – providing a better service for our clients.
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We’ve been looking for a good one-stop payroll and HR system for a long time until we found Workstem. In Hong Kong, it’s not easy to find a multilingual system that has local customer service and is flexible enough for us to customise the policies for our clients. The best part about working with Workstem is the business referrals they share with us. We’re able to work together to serve the businesses and achieve a win-win-win situation!
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Work with recruitment, payroll outsourcing, accounting and business advisory service providers to help small businesses succeed. Get in touch with us today to see how Workstem can help your practice grow.