What is IR56?

IR56 refers to the employer’s tax return, including IR56B, IR56F, IR56E, IR56G, and IR56M.

IR56 forms templete

Inland Revenue Department IR56B form template

Inland Revenue Department IR56F form template

Inland Revenue Department IR56E form template

Inland Revenue Department IR56G form template

Inland Revenue Department IR56M form template

The importance of IR56

Generally speaking, Hong Kong employers are obliged to report all remuneration paid to their employees during the financial year. This report must be prepared using a form recognized by the Hong Kong government, commonly known as the Employer’s Return (Form IR56).

IR56, the employer’s tax return, is a reporting requirement for employers. Employers who fail to comply with the Inland Revenue Ordinance will be penalized under Section 80(1) of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

Notes on IR56

In the IR56 form, different tax forms are suitable for different scenarios and have different requirements, and the items to be declared are complicated (employee personal information, salary details, etc.), and mistakes will occur if you are not careful.

Notes for different IR56 forms:


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