Personnel File

What is a personnel file?

Personnel files are used to record personal experience and related work performance, usually including original records such as onboarding information, employment information, regularisation information, resumes and labour contracts, and are filed on an individual basis for inspection.

Why is personnel file important?

Personnel files are the key to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of both parties, as well as the main basis for understanding, evaluating and employing employees;

Analysing personnel files helps HR or employers to accurately understand the current human resources status of the company, and is one of the important considerations for short-term and long-term human resources planning.

What should be kept in a personnel file?

An employee’s personnel file should include:

Basic information, contract/agreement, evaluation and assessment, salary/rank change, reward and punishment, and employee termination, etc.

Key information should include:

  • Name, contact information, address, emergency contact information, ID card, degree certificate and other employee personal data and employment information;
  • Various documents such as employment contracts, supplementary agreements and non-disclosure agreements;
  • Materials and records of various assessments and quarterly/annual performance assessments during the probationary period;
  • Salary increase/decrease records, job promotion/transfer records, etc.;
  • Reward and punishment materials;
  • Employee status and related documents.


Workstem uses Amazon cloud services, and the information security and stability of the HR system have reached a very high level.

The system has a built-in P-file template, which can create personnel databases in just a few minutes, saving time and effort. The system can also fully record the employment history of each employee, including all changes in position/payroll/personal information. Besides, it supports one-click employment/terminate/re-employment, and keeps the information of terminated employees. When re-employing employees, the basic information will be automatically restored, and there is no need to fill in again manually.