What is rostering/scheduling?

Roster, also known as schedule, refers to the form arranged by the supervisor or HR to allocate duty time for employees according to the store’s demand, the number of employees, and the status of employee reports. There are various forms of working rosters, which are the basis of attendance.

The importance of rostering

In addition to the fixed working hours of 9 am to 6 pm in the office, there are many industries such as retail and catering that have flexible working hours and employ a large number of part-time or casual employees. In the case of flexible and unfixed working hours, HR and supervisors need to correctly and accurately arrange employee schedules to ensure sufficient manpower reserves to meet daily business needs. Employees need to check working hours based on schedules. Different industries have different editing rules, and each has its own complexity. If the formatting of the updating table is wrong, it will lead to chaotic store operations and poor use of manpower.

The benefits of rostering

Both employers and employees can benefit from an accurate roster, the biggest benefit of a roster is that it can:

  • Improve work efficiency and enhance time control
  • Set priorities and complete established plans
  • Reduce labor costs and realize employee value
  • Control the pace of operation and strengthen employee discipline

How to rostering?

It is common for part-time and casual employees to intersperse with multiple stores or have multiple shifts a day. For supervisors/HRs, it is very complicated and error-prone to use the traditional replacement table Excel to arrange. These problems need a professional human resource management system to solve.

Workstem can help you arrange schedule changes at the fastest speed in any scene, supports complex schedules, supports fast schedules, can export schedule schedules with one click, and can edit online in real-time and synchronize the latest schedules in real-time, so that the scheduling efficiency is increased by more than 10 times.

Roster sample

rostering sample


Workstem has a powerful shift scheduling system. The store manager can use the latest employee reporting and shift templates to quickly edit in the Workstem One App, and approve OT applications/leaves/shifts anytime, anywhere.

In the peak season of the industry, the store manager can temporarily delegate the management authority to the supervisor through the mobile App and allocate others to help with the management.