Your One-Stop Human Resources Management System (HRMS)

An AI Enabled human resources management system that integrates All HR Duties into One System.

Why Us?

15 mins

Employee Onboarding, Roster & Attendance, Leave Management, Payroll, MPF & Tax Filing under One HRM System

15 mins

We pride ourselves as one of the most user-friendly HRMS in Hong Kong. Set up your HRM system in just 15 minutes!


We offer a unique HRM system that provides an unparalleled service and has successfully supported more than fifteen hundred companies.

A Safe, Secure & Stable HRM System

Our HRM system possesses an extreme level of data protection, confidentiality, and stability with the support from the Amazon Web Service.


Time Saving





A Flexible Payroll System, Suitable For All Industries & Practices

HR Hub

Workstem has powerful customizability, with built-in pay items 100% compliance with HK labor ordinance to support complicated payrun scenarios for any industry.


Customisable Leave Modules with Mobile Processes

Leave Management

Our leave module is suitable for all kinds of industries and practices. Real-time synchronization of leave application records and leave balance are also available online.


Process Payroll With Our Built-In AI Calculation System


The HR system automatically processes payroll according to the payroll policy you set. Regular pay run in different frequencies as well as one-time termination pay can be supported for employees with different pay types.


A Complete Solution To Onerous Paperwork & Communications

Our AI Enabled HR system ensures information synchronization between employees and the HR department, enhancing your communications efficiency and data accuracy.
By converting headwinds to tailwinds, our data-driven HRMS helps simplify all complex workflows and empower your staff to work better.

Workstem One App

Workstem One  App :

HR Mobile App Solution

With Workstem’s Mobile App, HR supervisors can remotely handle a wide spectrum of HR duties, while employees can process their payments and attendance application via an interconnected device.

User Benefits

Our human resources management system offers a diverse range of benefits:
1.Reduce Manpower Cost
2.Increase Efficiency Substantially
3.Strengthen Financial Control
4.Allow You To Focus More On Business-Driven Activities
Want to centralize all dispersed human resources management duties in one system? Workstem got you covered!