What is overtime?

Overtime refers to the additional hours worked by an employee beyond their ordinary or agreed-upon working hours. These extra hours are typically compensated at higher rates than ordinary hours to acknowledge the employee’s additional effort and time commitment.

What are overtime rates?

Overtime rates are the increased hourly pay rates that employees receive for working beyond their ordinary hours. In Australia, overtime rates are usually calculated as a multiple of the employee’s ordinary hourly wage and are specified in industrial awards, enterprise agreements, or employment contracts. Commonly, overtime rates are 1.5 to 2 times the ordinary hourly rate.

When do overtime rates Apply?

Overtime rates apply under specific conditions. Generally, overtime rates come into effect when an employee exceeds their standard daily or weekly working hours, as defined by their employment contract or relevant industry standards. Overtime rates are also applicable during weekends, public holidays, and outside of ordinary business hours.

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