Application Trend of API Application Programming Interface in HR System

Application Trend of API Application Programming Interface in HR System

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  1. What is API?
  2. What is API integration?
  3. What are the benefits of API integrated HR system?
  4. Why is API integration so important for HR management?

In the era of big data and cloud, API has become the best way to connect cloud application data. Especially when multiple cloud applications are used, API integration is an inevitable choice for almost all enterprises.

What is API?

API application programming interface is the abbreviation of Application Programming Interface, which serves as a bridge between applications and applications.To understand it in a simple way, think of API as a messenger. It accepts requests from system A and sends the results of the request back to system B.

What is API integration?

API integration refers to realizing data exchange and data synchronization between multiple applications/systems within the company in an automated manner based on the company’s management model and business processes.

APIs act as “virtual middlemen”, passing information and data between tools and software, automating data exchange and synchronization processes.

By using APIs to achieve software integration, enterprises can achieve data consistency, immediacy, stability, and traceability across multiple internal software systems, eliminating the time and cost of synchronizing data and verifying data between traditional software systems.

What are the benefits of API integrated HR system?

Through API integration, the HR system can reduce inefficient work items in daily use, especially the regular cross-department synchronization of complex data such as HR and Payroll to save time and improve work efficiency.

API integration provides flexibility and consistency, allowing all data to be synchronized to other software in real time. For example, the Workstem human resources management system provides an open API that can be linked to the accounting software Xero. Synchronize the enterprise’s grain calculation data in Workstem to Xero to ensure data consistency. Make communication and cooperation between the company’s human resources department and financial department smoother and more efficient.

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Why is API integration so important for HR management?

Through API integration, the human resources department and the financial department can achieve real-time data synchronization in matters such as food calculation, labor cost accounting and control, assisting the two departments to improve communication efficiency, and help the company make the best personnel and financial decisions.

This kind of API integration enables information to automatically flow from application A to application B. You can see real-time and correct data in the same API application interface, which not only saves time, but also reduces errors caused by manual processing of related data information. .

With the rapid development of the digital age, integrating key human resource system has become an important factor in corporate differentiation. So how can HR quickly simplify work processes and maximize productivity through API integration?

Workstem, the one-stop cloud HR & payroll system not only helps HR simplify multiple human resources affairs on one platform, but also provides an open API that can be used with Xero, Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, Google Sheet and more third-party application connections to meet the company’s needs for cross-system and cross-team collaboration.

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