Workstem June 2021 Updates

Workstem June 2021 Updates

Chapter catalogue

  1. Attendance Updates
  2. Provide detailed clock-in GPS location
  3. Add timesheet application details
  4. Add employee attendance status (Early Leave Minutes/ Minutes Late)
  5. Schedule Updates
  6. Support 7 days a week scheduling
  7. Add day types in shift templates
  8. Payroll Updates
  9. Automatically adjust the calculation order of pay items
  10. Workstem One updates
  11. Display all functions on homepage
  12. Add bluetooth clock-in device directly

As a one-stop shop for providing the HR system in Asia, Workstem has accompanied you guys for more than 2 years. During this period, the team of Workstem continuously collected customers’ feedback and updated the system regularly. This update mainly focuses on the four modules of attendance, schedule, payroll as well as the Workstem One, trying to meet more customized needs of different industries and companies.

Whether you are our old friends or new partners who want to experience efficient human resource management, come and see how these new functions can help you!

Attendance Updates

Provide detailed clock-in GPS location

In Workstem, you can choose a variety of clock in/out ways for employees, including GPS, Bluetooth and QR code. In the latest version of Workstem, you are free to access employees’ detailed GPS clock-in/out location on the website or on your smartphone. For those who need field work, employer are able to know their specific working location ASAP, which contributing to employees’ efficiency and productivity. It is also easy to record their total working hours.

 GPS location

GPS App Read More: How to Obtain Employees’ GPS Location

Add timesheet application details

Workstem supports timesheet compensation for employees who work overtime or fail to work on their regular shifts. As long as the employee submits the timesheet application, after the supervisor approves, it will be counted into the working hours and payroll. The latest version of Workstem allows you to view the details of timesheet application, including the type of day, the reason for the employee’s application, the details of the approval and the submission time, which will be helpful in future payroll.


Read More: Managing Timesheets (Add, Edit, Delete)

Add employee attendance status (Early Leave Minutes/ Minutes Late)

In order to manage employee attendance more specifically, Workstem adds “Minutes Late/Early Leave Minutes”. Employers are able to deduct employees’ salary according to the minutes they arrive late or leave early. For employees who earn hourly wages, this data makes it more clear.

attendance details

Read More: Attendance Module Overview

Schedule Updates

Support 7 days a week scheduling

For companies that need to work on weekends or overtime, Workstem shift template has been upgraded to seven days a week, making it easier for managers to schedule employees on weekends. For industries with a high turnover rate, Workstem schedule site newly added employee status as a filter, through which you can filter shifts of terminated staff.


Read More: Scheduling Module Overview

Add day types in shift templates

Some employees in catering and retail companies work on weekends or public holidays. Supervisors want to arrange shifts and rest days at the same time. With traditional human resource management systems,you cannot dominate a normal workday as a rest day. The new version of Workstem offers a date-type setting that allows you to schedule your employees’ rest days while you are arranging shifts. You can see your employees’ shifts either on the web or mobile. Through this function, companies in different industries can customize their employees’ rest days according to their own needs, which is convenient and efficient !

shift template

Payroll Updates

Still calculating payroll manually with Excel? Workstem has a powerful payroll function, which can not only help you record every payment reducing calculation errors, but also supports the Autopay of HSBC, Bank of China, Standard Chartered Bank, and Hang Seng Bank. With Workstem, payroll is no longer difficult.

Automatically adjust the calculation order of pay items

When some users use the system to calculate the payroll, they often ignore the order of pay items, resulting in the calculation logic error and wrong number. The fresh version of Workstem has optimized and upgraded this function, automatically adjusting the order of the pay items, and ensuring a smooth payroll process. Even if you are a green hand in accounting, it’s easy to get started.

pay items

Workstem One updates

Display all functions on homepage

A new update to the “WorkStem One “APP displays all features on the homepage, allowing employees and supervisors to access the related functions with one click.

Workstem One for employees provides functions include: Clock-in, Timesheet, Apply for Leave and Leave balance.

For supervisors: Leave approval, Timesheet approval, Roster, Field Work Requests, Authorisation Management, Bluetooth Device management, Attendance Overview.

Add bluetooth clock-in device directly

WorkStem supports Bluetooth clock-in. Now, after purchasing and installing Workstem Bluetooth device, you can add a Bluetooth clock-in device directly on the Workstem One App to enjoy accurate and fast Bluetooth clock-in/out.

The Bluetooth device of our company covers a radius within 50-70 meters, and it can be installed in many places of the office, such as the front desk, office desk, ceiling or the entrance. If you want to use it in a temporary office, you can also take it with you.

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