Annual rate to hourly

What is the annual rate converted to an hourly rate?

The Pilots Award comprises yearly wages. An hourly rate’s computation is dependent on the nature of the job.

Both full- and part-time

  • Divide the yearly wage by 52 to find the weekly rate.
  • Divide the weekly rate by 38 to obtain the hourly rate.


  • Divide the annual pay by 800 to find the rate per flying hour. Also, casuals receive a 25% loading.
  • The daily pay rate for casual aerial application operations is fixed.

How to calculate hourly rate from annual salary?

First, take the number of hours you work every week and double it by the total number of weeks you work in a year, which is usually 52 or 50. Next, divide this amount by your yearly pay. For example, if you work 40 hours a week for a year and receive a salary of $40,000, your hourly rate would be $40,000/(40 × 52) = $19.23.

Hourly = Salary per year / (Hours per week × Weeks per year)

Example computation of an hourly rate

Assume you work a 40-hour work week for 52 paid weeks a year, earning $50,000. You would calculate the following to determine your hourly rate:

[50000 / (40 × 52)] = $24.04/h

With a $50,000 yearly wage, your hourly rate comes out to be $24.04.

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