What is BPAY?

BPAY is a bill payment service that offers a convenient and secure method to manage your bill payments directly through your online banking, allowing you to stay in control of your finances with ease.

BPAY is accessible through the online banking platforms of more than 150 banks, credit unions, building societies, and neo banks such as Up, as well as through the latest innovations like Beem®. Over 60,000 businesses utilize BPAY to facilitate secure bill payments for their customers, streamlining their accounts receivable reconciliation process.

When does the biller recieve my BPAY payment?

Approximately 1-2 business days, if your payment is made on a bank business day before 6pm (Sydney / Melbourne time) it will be debited from your account instantly and processed that day. If you make a payment on a weekend or public holiday, or after 6pm (Sydney / Melbourne time) Monday to Friday, the payment will be debited from your account instantly and processed the next business day.

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