Fitness Industry Award

What is fitness industry award?

The Fitness Industry Award is a specific modern award that governs the employment conditions, wages, and entitlements for employees working in the fitness industry. It sets out the minimum standards for various roles within the industry, including fitness instructors, personal trainers, gym attendants, and administrative staff.

It is essential for employers and employees within the fitness industry to understand and comply with the provisions outlined in the Fitness Industry Award to ensure fair and lawful employment practices.

For the complete version of the Fitness Industry Award 2020, please refer to Fair Work.

Who is entitled to the fitness industry award?

The fitness industry means the operation or provision of:

  • fitness centres;
  • fitness services or classes;
  • group fitness organisations;
  • weight loss/control centres;
  • aquatic centres;
  • aquatic services or classes;
  • indoor sports centres;
  • golf driving ranges;
  • dance centres;
  • martial arts centres;
  • recreational camps;
  • tennis clubs and centres;
  • tennis coaching or classes; and
  • gymnastic services, activities or classes.

Fitness industry pay rates

Workstem has developed a comprehensive guide to help compliance with the Fitness Industry Award 2020.

If you’re uncertain about the applicable classifications, this guide can help you understand how to comply with Fair Work legislation, classify your employees correctly, and pay penalties and allowances in accordance with the fitness industry award.

Full-time and part-time employees

  • Ordinary and penalty rates
% of minimum hourly rate

Ordinary hours






Public holiday


  • Overtime rates
% of minimum hourly rate

Monday to Saturday

First 2 hours 150%
After 2 hours




Public holiday


Casual employees

  • Ordinary, overtime and penalty rates
% of minimum hourly rate

Ordinary hours


Saturday, Sunday & public holidays


*Rates in table are calculated based on the hourly rates

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Q: Do fitness industry award employers be required to pay award minimum wage?

A: Yes, the award minimum wage is the minimum legal requirement that an employee must be paid if they are covered through the fitness industry award. Employers are legally bound to comply with this.

Q: How do employers pay employees not covered under an award?

A: If a business owner is in the fitness industry award, but a particular employee is not covered by the fitness industry award, then either the FWC’s national minimum wage or the state minimum wage applies.

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