How Do Labour-Intensive Enterprises Easily Handle Overtime (OT) Calculation and Salary Payment?

How Do Labour-Intensive Enterprises Easily Handle Overtime (OT) Calculation and Salary Payment?

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  1. Are thousands of employees’ overtime working hours still being manually typed in EXCEL?
  2. Still fighting over OT allowance? Take a look at the professional system calculation results!
  3. The pain points of the OT approval process have finally been resolved

OT(overtime) has become the norm in the retail, catering services, construction and insurance industries. According to the “General Household Survey Quarterly Report” recently released by the Census and Statistics Department, the average working hours per week of Hong Kong people are 44 hours, and the working hours per week of the retail, accommodation and catering services industries are up to 48 hours. With the improvement of labour law step by step, the normal calculation of employees’ overtime (OT) and salary payment are especially important to reduce labour disputes and maximize profits.

consumption voucher

As the economy, led by the catering industry, starts to recover with the launch of the government’s market support scheme, the government has announced that the HK$5,000 electronic consumer coupons proposed in the Budget will be available for registration from July 4th to August 14th to stimulate the public’s willingness to spend, and the money will be transferred through the local economy to promote economic recovery. Moreover, in response to Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s recent mention of Vaccine Bubble, Tai Hing Group Chairman Chan Wing-on said that under this policy “…Restaurants can accommodate 6 to 8 people to a table and operate until midnight, which is good for the catering industry.”

Does this mean a further surge in the need for labour-intensive employment under the further promotion of the policy? For the problems you are considering, Workstem will give you a good method!

Are thousands of employees’ overtime working hours still being manually typed in EXCEL?

「Automation and convenience of data collection」

Restaurants being busy is the norm in the industry during legal holidays and weekends. No matter what style of catering, OT is a common phenomenon. In most cases, though, restaurant workers don’t count OT, functional departments often complain about that. For example, especially in the peak season of the mobile catering industry, HR often needs extra time after work to recruit employees, deal with the salary payment of current and former employees, and calculate the working hours of staff in other functional departments and staff in HR department. Therefore, 2 or 3 overtime working hours are very frequent. Then how did the catering enterprise simplify the collection of man-hour data and salary payment caused by OT without manual intervention?

After using Workstem, when functional department employees apply for overtime, there will no longer be a cumbersome application process. When you finally finish working overtime, you just need to tap the app on your phone to complete the application, instead of text or email. Then, Workstem will automatically approve whether it is reasonable OT, so as to replace the traditional manual data input excel form, and easily complete the application!

For such positions with frequent OT, employers can use the intelligent human resource management system – Workstem to not only easily eliminate the cumbersome approval process, but also carry out intelligent system audits. Moreover, the data will be automatically entered into the salary calculation formula, reducing the cost of human resources positions and unnecessary labour disputes caused by salary payment.

OT application

It was reported earlier that the current government has no intention of introducing contract or standard working hours legislation. Instead, it has drawn up working hours guidelines for 11 industries, including catering, hospitality, tourism, retail and logistics. However, Hong Kong people are well-known to work long hours. According to a survey, the average working hours of Hong Kong people exceed 50 hours per week, 38% more than the global average. In some types of work, the working hours are 60 hours or more. Marketing is one of the industries that is not included in the 11 industries, but often works overtime.

Still fighting over OT allowance? Take a look at the professional system calculation results!

「The simplification of OT allowance calculation process and the accuracy of the result」

The rise of e-commerce has changed the ecology and consumption pattern of the retail industry, but it also brings huge problems to HR. Ms. X works in the marketing department of a cross-border trading company. (It is not convenient for her to reveal her real name) She said frankly that there is no off-duty time in the marketing industry. Usually, when she returned to the company in the morning, she would have a meeting to communicate with different departments and deal with project implementation problems. If the customer service colleague receives the activity inquiry, he will be informed of the situation by WhatsApp at any time. She added, “Designers usually work during the day, so we don’t receive art work until 6 or 7 o ‘clock, and then we have to follow up. If you don’t read or reply to WhatsApp, the boss expects you to update the next day.” Therefore, overtime work has become a normal situation. Not only is the process of submitting overtime work cumbersome, but the statistics and settlement of OT allowance also gives HR a headache. However, our intelligent HRMS system – Workstem makes the OT submission and approval process more convenient, simplifies the process of salary calculation, and increases the accuracy of OT allowance calculation. What are you waiting for?

The pain points of the OT approval process have finally been resolved

「Visualization, Freedom and Convenience of Process Configuration」

A cross-border trading company has many departments. For example, there are three groups A, B, and C under the marketing department. When an employee in group A applies for holiday or overtime, he/she needs to go to the group leader for approval, then to the marketing manager, and then to HR for approval. Although the team leader, manager and HR all know the application content, it is a headache for the employees! In addition, in the days when employees work overtime intensively, managers and HR have to approve a large number of applications, which takes time and energy and affects their own work efficiency. However, easy and fast layers of approval are also possible! As long as different levels of approvers are set through the intelligent HR system, employees can easily apply, and HR and department managers can quickly approve! It also helps solve the “four multiples” of the enterprise OT approval process: multiple scenarios, multiple roles, multiple rules, and multiple problems.

In some established large enterprises, its unique human resource management system has been formed. This shows the importance of HR system in business. But for the developing start-ups, choose us and rest assured to focus on your career. For human resources issues, we’ve got you covered!

The examples enumerated in this article are a microcosm of similar headaches encountered in the industry. Managing overtime is the first step to reducing unnecessary property costs and maintaining the employer-employee relationship. Now click the link for an immediate 14-day free trial, and with the help of a 1-on-1 customer service assistant, you’ll unlock more new ideas on HR issues!

Different calcualtion methods are supported

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