Employee Database

What is employee database?

Employee database is a collection of personnel files , usually created and maintained by humans or machines. The process is generally as follows: collecting relevant information, scanning and entering the files (if any), sorting out, and finally completing the archiving.

According to labour law, employers must keep the information and employment records of each employee, including the employee’s name, the start date of employment, job title, salary, leaves, and the notice period required for termination of the contract.

The importance of employee database

Personnel files are confidential information of the enterprise. Establishing an employee database and ensuring that it is updated in a timely manner, properly kept, and not damaged is an important prerequisite for making the management of personnel files compliant, efficient, and institutionalised.

Notice of employee database management

  • Employee database filing

Newly generated personnel information should be filed in time. If you choose manual preservation, you must first identify the relevant information to see if they meet the filing requirements; secondly, according to the content and attributes of the information, confirm the specific location of the specific files; finally, add the specific name before putting the information into the file, so that it is easy to find.

  • Regular checkup

Regular inspection is an effective way to ensure the safety and completeness of personnel files. The inspection is multi-faceted, including whether the document itself is moldy or moth-eaten; it also includes checking the environment of the employee database, such as whether the doors and windows of the warehouse are in good condition, and whether there are potential hidden dangers.

  • Transfer of personnel files

Personnel files and employees’ on-the-job status need to be unified, and the situation of disconnection between personnel and files should be avoided to the greatest extent. Within a few days of the employee’s position adjustment, his/her files must be transferred to the new department; if the employee leaves, his files should also be kept in another fixed location in a timely manner, as an important basis for ensuring the rights and interests of both the employee and the employee afterward.


Workstem uses Amazon cloud services, and the information security and stability of the HR system have reached a very high level.

The employee database management system has a built-in P-file template, which can create a batch of employee databases in just a few minutes, saving time and effort; it can also fully record the employment history of each employee, including all changes in position/salary/personal information; support one-click employment /dismiss/re-employment, and keep the information of terminated employees. When re-employing employees, the basic information will be automatically restored, and there is no need to fill it in again manually.