Architects Award Guide [MA000079]

Architects Award Guide [MA000079]

This article provides guidelines on the Architects Award package. For more information on this award, please refer to the Architects Award.

What is the Architects Award?

The Architects Award is an award system in Australia that establishes the minimum terms and conditions of employment for employees in the architectural industry. It is managed by the Fair Work Commission, which is responsible for overseeing workplace relations in the country.

The Architects Award ensures that employees in the architectural sector receive fair pay and appropriate working conditions based on industry standards. It covers various aspects such as wage rates, employment types, working hours, overtime and penalty rates, allowances, leave entitlements, and other relevant conditions.

Who is covered by the Architects Award?


The Architects Award covers employers and employees who fit within the classifications of the award, including registered architects under Australian legislation.

Examples of employees covered by the Architects Award include:

  • architecture students
  • architecture graduates
  • registered architects.

The Architects Award also covers labour hire businesses and their employees who are placed with an architectural organisation.

The following employers and employees are not covered by the Architects Award:

  • models who are photographed and/or models for hairdressers for advertising purposes
  • employers and their employees who work in movie theatres.

Source: Architects Award [MA000079] clauses 2, 4 and schedule A

How are the hours of work arranged in the Architects Award ?

Ordinary hours of work

  • An employee’s ordinary hours of duty must not exceed 38 per week, working between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm from Monday to Friday.
  • The spread of ordinary hours can be altered through an agreement between the employer and the majority of employees in the relevant establishment, section, or sections.

How are wages and allowances calculated in the Architects Award?

Minimum rates

The minimum rates for employment as an architect or for work typically performed by an architect must be:


Minimum annual rate

(full-time employees)

Minimum weekly rate

(full-time employee)

Minimum hourly rate (full-time, part-time and casual employees)

Level 1—Graduate of Architecture 


60,625$ 1162.10$ 30.58$

1st pay point

63,830$ 1223.60$


2nd pay point 67,034$ 1285.00$


Level 2(a)—Experienced Graduate of Architecture

Experienced Graduate of Architecture

70,090$ 1343.60$


Level 2(b)—Registered Architect 


70,090$ 1343.60$


1st pay point

72,256$ 1385.10$


2nd pay point 74,426$ 1426.70$


*For more information about minimum rates, please refer to the complete version of Fair Work.


  • Overtime wages are calculated at a rate of 150% of the minimum hourly rate.
  • Casual employees receive overtime wages based on specified rates, which includes a 25% loading for ordinary hours worked.




Vehicle allowance

$0.95 per km
Meal allowance – working away from usual workplace – air travel

$11.03 for each meal period occurring during travel

Travelling time allowance – working away from usual workplace

payment at the minimum hourly rate for time spent in travel in excess of normal travel time from home to work
Equipment reimbursement

reimbursement for the cost of purchasing relevant technical equipment

Excess travel costs allowance – not overnight – working away from usual workplace

an allowance equivalent to all daily fares more than the normal fares to and from home to work

Overnight expenses allowance – working away from usual workplace

an allowance equivalent to all reasonable expenses

Permanent transfer of employee allowance

an allowance equivalent to travelling fares, temporary lodging costs and cost of transporting the family from the old to the new residence
Protective / special clothing allowance

reimbursement for the cost of the protective clothing

Training and professional development reimbursement

reimbursement for the cost of attending a conference or similar or undertaking a training course

Travel allowance – working away from usual workplace

an allowance to cover appropriate travel arrangements

How is the leave managed in the Architects Award?

In the Architects Award, leave entitlements for employees are determined by the National Employment Standards (NES) and the classification of the employee.

Annual leave

Annual leave is provided for in the NES.During a period of annual leave, casual employees are entitled to receive a loading of 17.5% of the minimum hourly rate they would have received for their ordinary hours if they were not on leave. However, this loading does not apply to pro rata leave or proportionate leave on termination.

Public holidays

Public holidays are provided for in the NES.

  • Under the National Employment Standards (NES), employers and employees can mutually agree to substitute another day for a public holiday.
  • Similarly, they can also agree to substitute another part-day for a part-day public holiday.
  • If an employee works on a public holiday, it will be considered as work outside of normal hours and will be compensated according to the overtime provisions outlined in clause 17 of the NES.

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