Efficient part-time employee scheduling and attendance with Australia’s best rostering software

Efficient part-time employee scheduling and attendance with Australia’s best rostering software

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  1. Scheduling conflicts or duplicate shifts
  2. Time and attendance falsification
  3. Employee communication and information sharing
  4. Improve Part-Time Workforce Management with Workstem’s BestRostering Software

In Australia, many activities and shopping centres frequently require part time  employees to meet busy periods such as holiday shopping seasons or exhibitions. Additionally, some companies may need part time employees to complete specific project work, which often only requires employees on short-term contracts. Hiring part time employees is a common solution to address the shortage of manpower for large exhibitions, shopping centre events, or specific projects.

These  part-time employees can serve as part-time salespeople, venue support assistants, security personnel, and other roles. They typically work during the duration of the event and leave after it concludes. However, managing short-term workers can be more challenging than managing full-time employees due to their high turnover and potential for no-shows.

If there is no proper management process in place, how can employers quickly find replacement personnel in cases of sudden absences? And how can effective communication be maintained with employees in any temporary adjustment situations? In addition to these issues, have you encountered the following challenges?

Scheduling conflicts or duplicate shifts

Have you noticed if there are overlapping shifts or scheduling errors? Many human resources professionals still rely on Excel for their work. While Excel is a useful tool for offline work, it does not provide any error prompts (unless there are formula errors). Furthermore, when using shared Excel spreadsheets, anyone can view and edit them, raising concerns about privacy and security.

By using a rostering software to manage employee schedules, you can schedule employees in bulk, saving time on copy-pasting. The schedule provides a clear overview and prompts for any duplicate shifts, significantly reducing the error rate of scheduling conflicts.

Create shifts with just a few clicks using shift templates, allowing for bulk rostering, flexible meal breaks, and clear locations. Shifts sync in real-time through both the Web and App to reduce workload and increase efficiency anytime, anywhere.

By setting permissions for schedule management, you can ensure that the schedule is not easily tampered with.

Take immediate action in response to ad-scenarios by authorising access rights to adjust shifts. Enjoy flexible rostering management through both Web and App.

Additionally, through integration with mobile applications, you can address various unexpected situations such as shift changes, employee replacements, and overtime adjustments.

No more back and forth! With our App, employees can quickly swap shifts by themselves. Supervisors will take the initiative to assign shifts based on the submitted availability.

Time and attendance falsification

Are you aware if employees are involved in time and attendance falsification? Many companies still rely on manual paper-based sign-in methods, which are not suitable for calculating hourly wages and are susceptible to buddy punching (i.e., one employee signing in on behalf of another).

Fortunately, excellent mobile app-based time and attendance systems are now on the market. These systems offer a range of benefits, including accurate timekeeping and the elimination of buddy punching. Employees can easily clock in by scanning a QR code on their smartphones, ensuring precise recording of their attendance. This mobile clock-in process is not only convenient but also allows for seamless integration with the backend payroll calculation system.

To further enhance accuracy and accountability, these systems can incorporate GPS functionality. GPS integration enables the system to track and record the location of clock-ins. This feature helps verify that employees are physically present at the designated work site or location, preventing time fraud and ensuring reliable attendance records.

By adopting mobile app-based time and attendance systems with GPS capabilities, companies can address time and attendance falsification concerns. These systems provide accurate records, eliminate buddy punching, simplify payroll calculations, and enhance overall workforce management. It’s a valuable investment that promotes efficiency, fairness, and compliance in the timekeeping process.

Four clock-in methods via Workstem One App help track and locate employees easily, ensuring accountability and transparency.

Employee communication and information sharing

Maintaining effective communication with temporary employees is crucial. However, due to the high mobility of temporary employees, traditional communication methods such as email or flyers may not be fast and efficient enough.

By using a mobile application or an employee self-service portal, you can conveniently communicate with employees in real-time and send them important information through push notifications. You can send shift change notifications, work instructions and more. At the same time, employees can also use the application to check their schedules, view pay stubs, and request time off.

Overall, using dedicated scheduling and employee management systems can help you manage temporary employees more effectively. It can reduce scheduling conflicts and errors, improve the accuracy of timekeeping records, and facilitate communication and information sharing with employees. These systems often come with mobile applications, allowing employees to view and update their schedules and access other work-related information on their phones.

Improve Part-Time Workforce Management with Workstem’s BestRostering Software

Streamline your payroll and HR processes with Workstem‘s comprehensive all-in-one solution. Our software integrates onboarding, time and attendance tracking, leave management, expense claims, payroll, tax, superannuation, and more. By automating tasks and reducing errors, you can save valuable time and resources. Stay effortlessly compliant with Fair Work regulations and Enterprise Agreements.

Experience the unparalleled efficiency of Workstem’s advanced rostering software. Not only can it help you achieve fine-grained management and allocate resources more effectively, but it also enables you to efficiently monitor and control outcomes. Optimise your HR operations by booking a free demo today and witness the transformative power of Workstem.

Revolutionise your workforce management with Workstem—the ultimate solution for businesses. Discover the power of our recommended software today and unlock the full potential of your workforce!


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