Enhance Workforce Efficiency with Rostering Software Australia

Enhance Workforce Efficiency with Rostering Software Australia

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  1. Streamlined Shift Scheduling
  2. Real-time Communication and Updates
  3. Compliance with Fair Work & EA
  4. Analytics and Reporting
  5. Unlock Workforce Efficiency with the Best Rostering Software: Workstem

In industries like hospitality, retail, and construction, where the majority of employees are “deskless workers,” such as waitstaff, retail associates, and construction workers, efficient shift scheduling is vital. Manual scheduling processes can be time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to disruptions in operations. However, with the advent of intelligent rostering software tailored for the Australian market, supervisors and HR professionals can optimise their workforce management and enhance overall efficiency. This article explores the benefits of using advanced rostering software designed specifically for Australia’s deskless industries.

Streamlined Shift Scheduling

Our rostering software provides a seamless solution for shift scheduling, allowing you to effortlessly manage your workforce. Create shifts using templates with just a few clicks, ensuring efficient rostering and clear communication of locations. Benefit from real-time synchronisation across our web and app platforms, reducing your workload and increasing efficiency from anywhere.

Match employee availability and skills to shifts effortlessly, ensuring optimal utilisation of your workforce. Our user-friendly interface simplifies schedule creation, eliminating scheduling headaches and saving you time. Say goodbye to manual processes and embrace a more organised and efficient approach to shift management.

Create shifts with just a few clicks using shift templates, allowing for bulk rostering, flexible meal breaks, and clear locations. Shifts sync in real-time through both the Web and App to reduce workload and increase efficiency anytime, anywhere.

Real-time Communication and Updates

Empower employees with our rostering software’s dedicated Mobile App, offering convenient mobile accessibility. They can easily request shift swaps, view schedules, and receive important updates on their mobile devices. This streamlines communication and collaboration, improving efficiency and minimising disruptions.

With the user-friendly HR Mobile App, supervisors can efficiently assign shifts based on availability, ensuring smooth operations. Employees enjoy instant access to schedules and updates, enhancing work-life balance and engagement. Leverage the convenience of mobile accessibility to improve collaboration and efficiency, creating a more connected and productive workforce.

No more back and forth! With our App, employees can quickly swap shifts by themselves. Supervisors will take the initiative to assign shifts based on the submitted availability.

Compliance with Fair Work & EA

Simplify compliance with Australian labour regulations effortlessly with our rostering software. Automate compliance checks, track and manage employees’ working hours, rest periods, and overtime, ensuring adherence to legal requirements. Our visualised rostering feature helps you clearly identify hours worked, overtime hours on working days, rest days, and public holidays, ensuring staffing adjustments are in compliance with modern awards. Stay compliant with ease and focus on your operations with our comprehensive and user-friendly software.

Auto track staff rotering data and clearly identify hours worked, overtime hours on working days, rest days and public holidays to ensure your staffing adjustment in compliance with modern awards.

Analytics and Reporting

Gain valuable insights and enhance operational efficiency with our rostering software‘s analytics and reporting capabilities. Analyse scheduling patterns, track labour costs, and optimise resource allocation to maximise workforce productivity. Make informed decisions, streamline operations, and drive efficiency with data-driven insights.

Stay in control of labour costs, proactively address challenges, and identify improvement opportunities. Unlock the power of analytics and reporting to optimise your operations and achieve your organisational goals.

Rostering dashboard makes it easy to control labour cost and amend the rostering according to budget.

Unlock Workforce Efficiency with the Best Rostering Software: Workstem

Streamline your payroll and HR processes with Workstem‘s comprehensive all-in-one solution. Our software integrates onboarding, time and attendance tracking, leave management, expense claims, payroll, tax, superannuation, and more. By automating tasks and reducing errors, you can save valuable time and resources. Stay effortlessly compliant with Fair Work regulations and Enterprise Agreements.

Experience the unparalleled efficiency of Workstem’s advanced rostering software. Not only can it help you achieve fine-grained management and allocate resources more effectively, but it also enables you to efficiently monitor and control outcomes. Optimise your HR operations by booking a free demo today and witness the transformative power of Workstem.

Revolutionise your workforce management with Workstem—the ultimate solution for businesses. Discover the power of our recommended software today and unlock the full potential of your workforce!


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