Transforming HR and Payroll with AI

Transforming HR and Payroll with AI

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  1. The AI Revolution in HR and Payroll
  2. Boosting Efficiency in HR and Payroll with AI
  3. HR and payroll Systems – Workstem recommended

The AI Revolution in HR and Payroll

Is AI replacing humans in payroll and HR departments, or is it enabling more strategically minded, productive teams that ultimately work smarter rather than harder? AI has become more widely used in HR in recent years as a result of the requirement for increased responsiveness and efficiency in order to manage a workforce that is changing quickly.

According to our earlier SuperHuman: AI adoption in HR survey, 86% of HR professionals in Australia and New Zealand use software that incorporates AI, indicating that the majority of HR leaders have already accepted AI. The most popular applications of AI technologies are in analytics, generative AI, machine learning, and matching workers to jobs and keeping an eye on compliance.

To stay on top of onboarding and retention as well as other crucial internal temperature gauges like satisfaction and employee absence or disengagement, 40% of HR directors are currently utilising AI’s capacity to detect and report on employee data trends. The development of HR content came in second place to reporting (39%), with 39% of HR leaders using AI to assist them in writing job descriptions, employment updates, and other information.

Moving forward with AI in the HR department is something that many HR directors feel is urgent because the AI landscape is developing so quickly. A staggering 81% of HR directors, according to Gartner, have looked at or used AI solutions to increase process efficiency in their companies. Moreover, 76% of HR executives think that

Boosting Efficiency in HR and Payroll with AI

AI is essential for automating repetitive administrative work in payroll and HR, freeing up teams’ time for more important face-to-face time. Here are a few instances of AI-powered tools:

Automate employee onboarding

By automating paperwork, document verification, and training modules, they simplify the onboarding process. The required procedures are walked through with new hires, guaranteeing a seamless and uniform onboarding process. After that, HR specialists can concentrate on making the workplace friendly and attending to individual employee needs.

Real-time data

Artificial Intelligence is employed in time and attendance systems to mechanise the monitoring of staff work hours. These systems eliminate the need for human tracking by providing precise attendance records by combining biometric data or other sources. This allows HR staff to focus more of their time on employee development programs and less time on attendance-related administrative duties.

Save time with self-service

Give managers and staff the ability to update and examine personal information about onboarding, salary, vacation, performance, and other topics.

  • Maintain communication throughout the entire crew.
  • Ask for a break.
  • Every action and notice is driven by a single, centralised inbox.

Security and compliance

With easy-to-use solutions to handle policy acknowledgments, necessary job certificates & qualifications, training completion, approval processes, and more, you can lower risk and guarantee legal compliance.

  • Create intelligent docs with dynamic fields.
  • Digital signatures and tracking of acknowledgments
  • Sensitive data should be stored securely.
  • audit trails for historical data

One place for your payroll and HR

Payroll processing uses artificial intelligence (AI) extensively to automate calculations, tax withholdings, and compliance checks. By guaranteeing precise and prompt payroll disbursements, these solutions lower the possibility of errors that come with human data entry. After that, HR departments may focus their attention on more strategically important duties like employee engagement and development.

Reporting and analytics

The HR data analytics of Workstem analyses past payroll data and makes reasonable adjustments in the payroll policies accordingly, minimise HR expenses, mitigate potential risks, and execute more successful strategic plans.

Integration with Xero  and NetSuite

​Workstem’s API is designed to seamlessly integrate third-party applications, enabling businesses to manage their HR in a centralised cloud platform.Payroll integration – XERO & NetSuite out of the box, custom integrations available.

HR and payroll Systems – Workstem recommended

Simplify your payroll process and ensure accurate pay rates with Workstem’s automated payroll system. Our pre-built modern award interpretation software covers 122+ awards and 34 EBAs, and keeps you up-to-date with penalty rates and other award entitlements.

Choose between our Standard and Advanced plans, and enjoy a range of benefits such as Fair Work compliance, an employee self-service App, and customised rule set.

Book a free demo with our payroll experts. Experience the efficiency and accuracy of Workstem today!



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